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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Nature Niche Reviews

Based on 918 reviews
Outstanding product

Outstanding product, easy to use, and works great

Ladybug Switch Plate Covers
Let there be light

I love it; perfect for gift giving specially coming from us since my husband is an electrician and literally giving light 💡 to family and friends 😊

Autumn Leaves

We selected six different leaves, in various shades to hang from under our fireplace mantle. They are quite striking against the dark red brickwork

Silk/Wool Blend Scarf
Julie A Ortiz
Silk Wool Blend Scarf

It is really beautiful! ! gave it as a gift and she loved it!

Red Fox Earrings
Aubrey Baumann
I adore these!

I just adore these earrings! They’re so unique and cute. I really love that they are handmade with recycled materials.

Loved this store!

Stopped in this store on a whim while visiting the area. So glad we did! So many awesome items! The staff was absolutely wonderful and friendly! Thank you so much for the memorable visit! The baffle goes with the feeder set and caught my eye the moment I walked in the door. Can't wait to hang it out next spring.

Monarch Garden Stake
Linda Atiemo-obeng

Love this addition to my garden!

Still Waiting

My Barrier Guard Double Suet Cake Feeder has been up for 14 days now, and I've only seen two birds inside the cage so far. Both of them left soon after entering it and I have the holder filled with the Woodpecker Blend Suet Plus and another cake of C&S Peanut Delight. Perhaps time will tell, but so far there's been little interest.

Thanks for the feedback! It can take around a month for birds to adjust to a new feeder, especially the barrier guarded ones and in the fall when natural food resources are still plentiful. It took my bluebirds several weeks to adjust to and really start using the mealworm version of this feeder, so I do expect you to see increased activity with time! In our experience, the smaller songbirds do appreciate a quiet place to eat protected from European starlings and other larger, more aggressive birds.


The feeder is easy to fill and looks like it should be busy, but it isn't! I have only seen a couple of chickadees on it, and they immediately left for the other feeder. Any suggestions? Should I move it away from the sunflower seed feeder? Is it the wrong time of the year to start feeding finches? I had many finches earlier in the summer, but now it's hard to tell who's out there. In any case, they are not using the new feeder.

Hi Cassandra,
Now's an okay time to start feeding finches, although there are a lot of natural seed resources for them to choose from. No, I don't think you need to move the feeder. I have mine together on a feeder pole and both sunflower and finch feeders are getting good activity.

We've had a lot of warm rainy weather locally, so I recommend checking the status of the seed in the tube feeder--is it clumped and starting to mold at the bottom? With weather like we've been having, and nyjer and other fine finch seed mixes' propensity for clumping, I've been shaking the seed in my spiral feeder daily and using the Feeder Fresh product we carry to improve drainage:

If the seed has been in there longer than 1-1.5 weeks, I would dispose of it, clean the feeder, let dry completely, and refill. Maybe only partially fill, if the finches aren't depleting the seed within a week or less. This time of year with more rain and still relatively warm temperatures is challenging, so keep a close eye on the seed and mold issues. Hope this helps!

Kept my squirrels out. First one I saw jumped on top of feeder and tried to get in from top and then took off. Second one jumped into tree but never jumped on bird feeder and just left. Birds are eating. I think it is the food you gave me that is keeping squirrels away. I am sure the squirrels would have figured a way to eat if not for the bird food.

I have had for some time and my friends love it so I've bought two more and gave them as gifts great feeder blue birds love it

No more Doves or Squirrels

I realize this is a Dove guard but in San Diego the Squirrels don't eat through wood. The seed holder is metal. So my modified version protect from both Doves and Squirrels. The Spice Finches and Gold Finches love it !!!!!

Copper Roof Multipurpose Feeder

I love our new bird feeder. Our birds love it too! Thank you!

Great little bird feeder!

Our old wooden tray feeder was worn out, so this was a perfect replacement! It securely attaches to the window, and is easy to clean.

Tried it and really liked it, but the birds love it!

We've bought seed cylinders elsewhere for years and when the prices kept going up and up, we decided to look elsewhere and found Nature Niche. We gave them a try and the birds love it - not to mention the fact that our cat truly enjoys watching them - and we've found that we get many different birds and the cylinders last just as long as the more expensive ones.

I think we've ordered from these folks about three times already and will keep coming back from now on.

Bird bath bonanza

It's made in USA! I bought this to use in the warmer months in place of the heated insert which was barely 1/2 inch deep that came with my cedar pedestal bird bath. It is well constructed and once the birds got used to it (about 1 day), they are going nuts! Nice depth for both large and smaller birds to take a bath or get a drink. By the way, it's made in the USA!!! Yes, that is very important to me.

4x8 Iris - Indigo
Cheryl Rosten
Ceramic Art Celebrating Nature

I'm pleased to see the inventory includes ceramic art pieces and I love the rich blue in the one I bought featuring iris that sits on a little easel stand. The store doesn't sell just bird feeders and suet!

Owl Wind Chime
Daneille Haynes
Owl wind chime

Christmas gift, so can’t see it yet.

TRUMP 2024

Its a very nice well designed, made out of very good material & it looks like it will last a long time!


I used this mounting bracket to hang a sign and it works perfectly! Easy to use with simple mounting instructions, and inexpensive! My sign looks GREAT!

Like It

The feeder works really well with the seed cylinders. The birds seem to enjoy it. I like it and it doesn’t seem like the squirrels bother it as much as the loose seed feeders.

Exactly as described

Beautiful cylinder holder. My only issue was due to vague instructions from manufacturer. Resolved quickly by NN
Photos from website showed seed cake holders in same cage. Another query to NN informed me yes, it could be fitted with suet cake holders. NN also provided the link to the cake holders if I decided to switch from cylinder to cake.
I must say NN has the BEST customer service I have received in a long time.
I prefer to support American small businesses whenever possible, even if I have to spend a little more.

Thank you, Mary, for your feedback! We're happy to help answer questions and really appreciate your support of small businesses! Please let us know if you need anything else...


They are rather plain looking,compared to the ones I bought in The hardware store and Walmart. Easy to fill, hang, and clean. I wish I had bought these in the beginning. The birds like them & not having yellow flowers or centers they aren’t drawing the bees like the others.

Update on my review

I had summited a review concerning the policy of returns yesterday. To my surprise customer service is doing a good job on monitoring postings and sent me the return information I needed. I wanted to say they have shown to me they value their clients and it is much appreciated. 5 stars


I like it.