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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!
Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Nature Niche Reviews

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Ultimate Oriole Feeder
Eileen Ingala
delivery of feeder very timely

i had ordered an oriole feeder from another supplier on june 18th and it still has not been delivered so i ordered one from you which arrived in a short time. it is easy to clean but unfortunately it was not visited by any birds. i will try again next spring at an earlier time. i have to say we have a lot of wildflowers (natural and planted by us) which probably is attracting the orioles.

Great little hummingbird feeder

Super cute and well made!

Beautiful hanger

I love this bird feeder stake, it’s well made and quite pretty. I wish it was a little taller, as I had to push it pretty far into the ground to make it sturdy, but other than that it’s perfect.

Sorry squirrels

As long as u keep away from trees this baffle works great at keeping squirrels from emptying your bird feeder. Also not noisy like some other baffles.

Beautiful switch plates

I love the switch plates I purchased. They are very well made and look like beautiful little works of art every time I turn the lights on!
The plastic screws are a GREAT idea and work very well


More beautiful than I thought it would be!
The finches love it more than when I had the sock feeder and my chipmunk friends can't eat through it!!

Thank you

Just what I needed

Squirrel baffle

Very effective with controlling squirrels

Well made looks better than ugly yellow style

Fast shipping honest seller will do more

Thistle seed

Great product

Worth The Money!!

This is the 1st 100% starling proof bird feeder I found ever!! Now my suet loving birds don't have to be chased away and intimated by the starlings, grackles and squirrels or any other big bird. ...I need a starling /squirrel proof nut feeder, and blackbird proof niger feeder, any one got any recommendations?

Silk Habotai Scarf
Sue Collins
Beautiful silk scarf

This is an absolutely beautiful scarf. I love the muted greens, rust, grey and brown colors. I was fascinated how it was made with local plants in process called Eco-printing. Truly beautiful

Dried Mealworms 8 oz
Patricia Sibbald
Meal worms

My bluebirds love them. I go through a lot in a day

Hot Pepper Mix 5 lb bag
Michelle Corrion

I was looking for a seed that was bird friendly only. Birds love this.

Bug Vacuum
Dorthy Brogden
Love it !!!!

Love it and sending it so fast !!!! Will order again with out hesitation!!!!
Bliss and love!!!!!

The birds love the mealworms. I have enjoyed all the products I have purchased at your unique nature store.

My birds love it!

I keep having to order frequently, the birds love them, they attract all different kinds of birds

Great product and amazing service

I ordered the Medium Butterfly Habitat for the assisted living facility where I work. We'd received a number of Monarch caterpillars in small containers. We moved them into the Habitat and they all reached maturity and formed chrysalises. The habitat provided an easy viewing opportunity and made releasing the hatched Monarchs very safe and easy. On top of that, the Habitat was hand-delivered to my home only a couple of days after I'd placed the order.

Safflower seed cylinder

Arrived promptly and exactly as described. Very satisfied.

Tree Icing Suet Spread is a big hit!

My regular bird visitors, and especially the woodpecker who lives in my front tree, love, love, love the tree suet. And so do the squirrels ... that's ok since I feed them as well and have been buying the tree suet for a long time... But I have to say that this is my first order from Nature Niche and I was so pleased. From other sources, the icing sometimes seems old and hard to spread. Not the seven containers from Nature Niche... so fresh and smooth and easy to spread. I'll be purchasing from them exclusively in the future. Oh, and they were also packed really well!

Woodpecker seed cylinder

Great quality and fast delivery.
Birds love it!

Green spiral feeder

Birds seemed to enjoy but unfortunately squirrels chewed a hole through the feeder in under 48 hours


This puzzle is going to be a gift for my son. We haven’t opened it yet but shipping was so quick! Would purchase from again!

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Quick service and a quality product

Checks all the boxes

Great seed cylinder at a very fair price, comparatively. I also always get VERY fast shipping from Nature Niche.