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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $89

Nature Niche Reviews

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Makes breakfast and dinner easy

Bluebirds are so happy now that this adapter attached to pole ensures the feeder doesn't move - even in 30 mph Oklahoma wind.

Plus, customer support in FINALLY achieving this success was totally AWESOME.

Get my birds in a row...

I purchased this safflower cylinder in order to keep bully birds away. They do not like safflower seeds. I was using the fruit berry nut seed medley, but the grackles and starlings were not leaving any for the songbirds. Now the cardinals, finches, and chickadees are back and the grackles and starlings are gone. It seems that the songbirds are enjoying the safflower seed cylinder.
I bought another squirrel/large bird proof feeder and am using the other fruit berry nut cylinder there. So far so good.
I am from Michigan and I am particularly happy to support a Michigan-based business. Thank you, Nature Niche!

Great product

I’m very happy with the quality of this product. I thought it would last longer than the suet blocks I had been using. However, the squirrels love it and I haven’t figured out how to keep them away from it so I probably will not reorder.

Thank you for taking the time to review. We are glad to hear that everyone likes the seed cylinders! Yes, squirrels love them too. We do carry the Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Feast Seed Cylinders that the birds also love. The squirrels do not. The birds do not taste the hot pepper the same way mammals do. The squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons learn quickly that there are better treats to be had elsewhere. You can check this seed cylinder 4pk option out here:

Many birds love these

A wide variety of birds come to my woodpecker cylinder, even finches and doves.
They have other feeders and food to choose from, but they like the cylinder.
Right now I am watching a red bellied woodpecker on one side and a goldfinch
on the other with a nuthatch warily looking on.

Love it

Hi, I waited this long to see if it worked. For going on 3 weeks now I have laughed as the squirrels face planted in the dirt. This week they have continued to hang from the branch and try reaching for the feeder still with no success. A couple squirrels tried walking around the middle of the baffle and as soon as they went for the edge down they went to face plant once again. I love this baffle. They even tried chewing it but gave that up right quick. I give this baffle 5 stars. Oh and they tried trying to jump to the feeder but the baffle was in the way. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a solution to keep squirrels out of the feeder. I wish you had a 24 inch but the 21 inch is doing the job.
Betty Drew

Premium Seed

We have been purchasing this premium black oil sunflower seed for over a year and are very happy, all seed. We have used other brands in the past and there has been small sticks and dirt in the mix, look like someone swept up the floor and added to the seed. This premium black oil sunflower seed is a very great product, the birds and squirrels give it a thumbs up.

1.0" Diameter Portal for Wren Houses - Genuine Copper

Woodpecker cylinders

We live in the desert in Tucson. We have visiting Phainopepla (Black Cardinal and Pyrrhuloxia (desert Cardinal) and Northern Cardinals (occasionall), Ladder Back Woodpeckers, Doves, Mockingbirds, Finches and Gambles Quail visiting our cylinders daily. The absolutely love these things. I highly recommend them. and Nature Niche. Oh, and we use their subscription service for scheduled delivery which takes the work out of ordering. (No, I don't work for them)

Love sea turtles!

Love the sea turtles window cling.

Nectar Protector

I love these protectors. They are the perfect size and work great.

best hopper

Best Hopper feeder on the market. And Nature Niche ship super fast and are a pleasure to do business with.

Loved by birds

The birds love the suet cylinders. And I love the the price, the ease of ordering and quick delivery! I highly recommend the company and the suet cylinders!!


I love this feeder. I bought 2. I also bought the cylinder feed and my birds love it. We have had a ton of rain and it’s fully protected.

Birds love it!

Nice buy for my hungry birds. They love it.

Fix "achilles heel" of Excluder Gourd

The PMCA excluder ultimate gourd is an excellent Alternative to the natural gourds, I used to use, that we're unsafe for baby martins after only a couple of years. There was always a worry if the bottom would drop out. But after converting to these plastic units a few years back, I noticed that the screw on tops were deteriorating from the sunlight, developing cracks. I went back to the pet store where I purchased the gourds and asked them if they could get me some replacements, but they couldn't so I searched the web and came up with these! They fit perfectly and restore the safe and dry housing that I am providing for my birds, at a very reasonable price to boot.

Tip: I am protecting these new ones by adding a layer of aluminum duct tape to the outside flat surface which will reflect the sun's rays. This not only will help thwart the degradation of the plastic but also reduce the heat inside during those sweltering summer days. I ventilate my gourds by drilling two 1/2" holes near the top and gluing in a couple of PVC plumbing street els, with the opening facing downward to prevent rain entry. These can be purchased cheaply at Lowe's or any plumbing supply.

The finches love it!

It's nice to finally find a seed blend the finches will actually eat. I have mostly gold and house finches & they're on the feeder all the time. Using the feeder fresh with it keeps the seed dry and fresh, too. I usually get the 20 lb. bag and have no worries about the seed going bad.

Woodpecker Favorite Small Seed Cakes

Topshelf product packed right and shipped fast just a perfect transaction and the birds love it!

Cylinder Seed Cake Holder with Top

Loved the stained Glass Frog nightlight

I loved the frog nightlight. It looks great on the wall in one of my rooms. Great, fast service. Thanks


Item is great and the birds love it

Mr. Hot feast

The entire purchase and use of the feeder was great. The birds really enjoy the feed from early morning to late in the evening.


The Barrier Guard Bluebird Feeder with Perch - Blue Is a great product. I've had one for about 3 years and I just purchased a second one. It took the blue birds time to get used to using it, in my case several months, but, the Carolina Wrens were using it and finally the bluebirds. I have several bluebirds now that use this product. It's great for keeping the squirrels out, along with the other larger birds. Nature Niche products are GREAT & great Customer Service too.


The birds love it, fun watching them!

Bluebird came to this feeder after one week.

Since starlings eat almost all of the mealworms at other feeders here, I tried this feeder in desperation. It worked after a week. A bluebird fed in it, and starlings didn’t enter the feeder. Some people said in reviews that the feeder is big. It is not big; it is enormous, especially with the optional circular perches. It sort of dominates the bird feeing area. A bit expensive; the instructions for the circular perches add on could have been more complete, but all in all, worth it and working. It’s all about the bluebirds for me.

Thanks for the review, and we're so glad your bluebirds took to it quickly! Yes, the feeder has to be that wide to prevent the European starlings from reaching their heads in and accessing the mealworm cup. The perches do add width, but we've found it helps the bluebirds perch and decide how they plan to enter. Plus, it's so adorable when they bring their fledglings, and they perch begging for food as the parents go in and out until the fledglings figure it out, too. Yes, perch assembly is a process, but that's why we included the demo video in the product description, to make things as straight forward as possible. Enjoy your bluebirds!!!

I love it, the birds love it!

I absolutely love this window platform feeder. I bought it to catch seed under a midsized JC Wildlife window feeder and it works perfectly. The birds love it so much that I also add seed to the middle of it. In cooler months I'll put suet cakes on it, but for now it's a great seed catcher and additional window feeder.

The birds took to it immediately, which surprised me. My birds usually take a couple weeks to accept a new feeder.

Suction cups are very strong and I have no worries of them holding up.

No birds in the photo because I accidentally scared them when raised the blinds higher for the photo.