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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

Nature Niche Reviews

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So glad I bought this!

I was so excited to find this item. My deck railing's design limits most items designed for decks, but this worked great. It arrived in a couple of days. I put it up today and after several hours, it was being visited by the birds. The metal clamp and ring seem to be strong, and the plastic insert fits perfectly. I'm sure it will be greatly enjoyed by the birds that visit my feeders, and I will have such fun watching them. I'm glad that replacement inserts are available just in case.

Had a squirrel visit the cake and didn't stay long! Have seen wood peckers and cardinals enjoying it.

Squirrel Proof

This works!
Squirrels only tried one time to get on feeder. He couldn't get off fast enough. No squirrel has tried
The birds love it.


Love these. They stand up to the weather all year long and still look brand new. I have three of these that are two years old, and still look great.Best value for the money.

good buy

The birds love it. We really enjoy watching the birds eat away. My husband is unable to get around very well and this entertains him.

Love them

We've had regular sized any moats for a couple yrs. But with busy schedules, they were difficult to maintain. These large moats, though not inexpensive, are much easier to maintain. I love them.


These are amazing! They last at least a week and I have yet to see a squirrel attempt to grab a snack. I don’t know what I do more- feed the birds or wage war with the squirrels so these allow me to just sit back and enjoy the birds! Woodpeckers especially love them and if they are pecking on these, they are leaving my house alone!

Birdie Bell Only
keith kolar
Bird bell

It is what I had order Thank You

Lovely product for a reasonable price.

Both the towel and the pot holders are of good quality and the printing is well done. I am sure I will enjoy it for a long time.

High Reach Hanger
Jill Wiles

Worked perfectly to reach some high branches.

Pumpkin Garden Stake

Love these garden stakes. Just as described. Love it. It should last for many years. Plan to buy more.

The pictures didn't show how pretty the earrings is. I love butterfly

Hummer Helper Cage and Nesting Material

Birds love it - squirrels hate it!

We have a study flow of birds all day long!

Great Product!!

Best Squirrel Baffle I have ever seen or used. Our development has an incredible Squirrel population! I bought one of these, installed it on a Blue Bird feeder over 2 weeks ago and it has defeated all attempts getting at the food.
It is wonderful!

Birdbath cleaner

This is a fantastic product! Easy to use. Just squirt and let the product sit for a few minutes and then use the scrub brush to clean the birdbath.

Birds love it

The birds love the Fruit and Berry Seed Cylinders. When they finish one off they are nearby waiting for me to put out another one. Woodpeckers enjoy grabbing the side if the cylinder and peck at it like they would a tree. I have several types of birds that feed on it like finches, nuthatches, red-winged blackbirds, tit-mouse, cardinals, sparrows and more.


Boy this really works!! We have eight hummingbird feeders on shepherds hooks. Ants were overrunning us. I put a band around each five days ago and none have returned. I put one band in a line of small black ants going up the hook and the line stopped. Completely. They would get to it and not cross it. I had one large red ant make it across on his fourth try. I made the band wider, about a half inch, and no more got through. This really works. I have enough left in the first tube to do them again if I need to. Fantastic stuff!

works as advertised

Had a "wren" house with a hole that was too big. Some English sparrows had made themselves at home instead. So, after taking the house down and cleaning it out, I attached this portal. In less than 24 hours (got lucky), a pair of wrens had made it their home and were building a nest. The English sparrows are still coming back, perching on nearby branches, pecking at the new attachment and going back and forth with the wrens. But no way the sparrows are going to win this one. THEY CAN'T FIT IN THE HOLE!!! It's been a week and I can already tell there are fewer sparrows around and their enthusiasm for taking back the bird house has diminished quite a bit.

Satisfied customer.

Very pleased with the Blue Bird House Post. Packed well and shipped promptly.


The birds love it

THE BEST hummer feeder ever!

I was told by my hummer-loving best friend about JB’s Hummingbird feeders almost 10 years ago. The 5 feeders I bought then are still in great shape and working perfectly. You can stop looking for the best. This is it.

Karner Blue Butterfly Earrings

hummigbird feeder

I love it easy to clean no leaking. the perch on was side was a bit bent but I ran hot water o it and tried to reshape it, seems pretty good now. hummingbird went to it but didn't try it. We'll see what happens, this year the hummies are not as many ,only 1 or 2.last year at this time had 4. The weather has been cooler at night than usual. .

Fruit Feeder
Teresa Beadlescomb
Best Fruit Feeder!

I’ve tried a few fruit feeders (nectar, jelly feeders) over the years, but this is by far the easiest to use. The fruit attracts all sorts of birds. Even a Baltimore Oriole stopped by in less than 24 hours after I hung the feeder!