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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!
Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Nature Niche Reviews

Based on 696 reviews
I think that it’s in excellent name

I hung it out in my tree as soon as I got it. I have bird houses and they are starting to fill up. I had one before and it took the process of maybe two years for it to be emptied but I am I like having it for them thank you


I wanted some robin and cardinal stickers too put on my wife's face plate at the cemetery and this was the only place I could find them. They give me some joy each time I visit my Luci. Thank you.

Twig Wire Key hook

I incorporated my Twig Hook under my owl coat hook to make it look like an extension of the owl’s branch!


I love it.

Birds Love This Seed

Seed cylinders are a great way to feed birds without so much waste. Birds seem to love the seeds.. cardinals especially.

Bird bath

Nice sturdy &good quality. Pleasantly surprised.

Birds Love

I bought this as a gift and sent directly, but giftee reports that the product is high quality, and that the birds love it, especially the woodpeckers. Really reasonable price as well.

Awesome mask

A fun way to learn about a bug's eye view of the world.

Great Fun

Very cool and awesome view through the prismatic lenses.

oriole feeder

love it

Great baffle..Bright orange..birds love it

Doesn’t work with my solar fountain

Fits nicely in my concrete birdbath as a liner. However I can’t use it for my solar fountain. Because it is raised in the center the suctions do not work.Disappointed. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your order!  I'm glad it works with your concrete bath.  I'm not sure what type of fountain you have, sorry.  My only suggestion would be if it's able to float free instead of suctioning to the bottom, you can place large rocks at the perimeter of the bath to keep it centered.

Great product. The hummingbirds are attracted and love it.

Absolutely Awesome

We ordered the 3 column tube feeder...
It came a few days later...
Really didn't know what to expect...
It is absolutely awesome.. the tubes are very sturdy and it hangs well... we are having so much fun watching all the Finches coming to eat, or just sit on a perch... they are really funny to watch... I would highly recommend you buying this... you won't be disappointed... I'd give it 10 stars if I could...

Excellent service and rapid reply, looking forward to future orders. Priced fair.

Great product, great price

The pole set is very high quality, has sturdy tubing, and surprisingly easy to twist into the ground and keep straight. Their price was better than the exact same product on Amazon, even with shipping. Mine however should be called the Chickadee Pole Set because Chickadees got to the Bluebird house within 10 minutes of me mounting it on the top of this pole. The only negative is that when I went to order another one the next week they were out of stock.

Male Monarch

Gave it to my sister and she loves it! Her only dilemma is where to display/hang it.

Bird feeder pole

Excellent service and quality

squirrel buster legacy

I am very pleased with the feeder. Both with the look, ease of operation and the amount of the product info that was with the assembly. I am enjoying the feeder as I type this! Thank you

No woodpecker yet

Two little chickadees have visited and chipped but the Downey is not visiting. From experience k ow he will in time.

Cardinal Stained Glass Wind Chimes

They are beautiful and I had put in a request that when you get more that I would like to purchase 4 more when you get your supply.

Mason Bee Tubes--refill or standalone

I got a little wooden house for mason bees last spring, and was advised to replace the cardboard tubes for the safety of the bees. This mason bee nest kit can be used in a bee house, or it can work as it came, in its little plastic box. The price was reasonable, and the delivery was quick. I will be looking here for other useful garden stuff.

A Winner!

It's the most effective squirrel-proof feeder I've experienced. It's well made and easy to fill.

Great product

The insert is perfect for my bird bath and if it breaks over the winter it is easily replaced at a reasonable cost.


My Grand daughter will love it