Nature Niche Reviews

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Very Sturdy Pole

This is a very strong, sturdy pole. It was very easy to assemble and install. Fast delivery is plus.

Bird seed

I love this bird seed. It’s a nice mix and very clean. Worth the money. The birds are loving it!

Beautiful Ginkgo

I found this wonderful necklace recently. It is so beautiful and I appreciate that Nature Niche has such great items available for purchase, too.


This tile is 100% PERFECT for what I needed. I wasn't able to find anything else like it on the internet! Thank you for having it! Kudos to the artist!!

Challenging puzzle

This was a fun puzzle to work on until we got to the brown tree. Lots of interesting parts to work on! Enough small projects that everyone had something to work on. Love Charlie Harpers artwork!

Shelled peanuts

Good quality and a nice sized bag. The birds love them and don't leave any behind

Charlie Harper bird puzzle

Working on this puzzle now. Good quality and is fun to do. Love Charlie Harper

I absolutely loved the snowflake ornaments! I bought a Great Lakes ornament as well. I purchased them for my son's in-laws. They live in North Carolina and don't get to enjoy the snow and Great Lakes that we have in Michigan. I think the ornaments will be a fond memory of their Christmas in Michigan! Thank you for your great products, and your delightful store! I also got my son and daughter-in-law a gift certificate to your store. You have such a nice selection and variety of fun and unique things!

Best Bird Pole

This 9 foot pole is sturdy and super easy to install. Works very well with a squirrel baffle. My birds and I are very happy!!


Slow feeding action but having issues with squirrels around feeder

Thanks for the feedback. If this is a new feeder, it can sometimes take several weeks for the birds to find it. Slow feeding action may also be the result of predators hanging around the feeder, like domestic cats and hawks. If you believe this is happening, try removing your feeders for a few days to discourage predators and then put them back out.
Yes, squirrels do enjoy suet as a high energy food source, too! We carry several products that help protect suet cakes from the squirrels, if you do not wish to feed them, including hanging, pole-mount, and 4x4 post-mount squirrel baffles; squirrel-resistant suet feeders; and hot pepper suet cakes. See Mondays with Martha #28 on our YouTube channel for more specifics on deterring squirrels:
Hope this helps, and please reach out if you would like help selecting a squirrel deterrent!

Raw Peanuts in the Shell

Great source of food for the squirrels and are leaving the bird feeder alone! These peanuts are being used in a "peanut wreath ring" and the squirrels love it.

Christmas Gift

I bought this as a gift for my mother who has multiple bird and hummingbird feeders outside of her home. I'm sure it will be put to good use come warmer weather. Very nice, clean, store with a variety of gifts and Michigan made products. I love seeing small businesses support each others products in their store. Hats off to the two individuals that were there, very inviting and friendly. Would recommend a visit.

Completely satisfied

We are truly completely satisfied with our calendar. It arrived promptly, and each month's picture is vibrant and beautiful.

Love Charley Harper!

This sticker mural was easy to install. I did use a level which helped quite a bit to keep the lines parallel. We placed the birds on a wall just as pictured on the box. Take note of the size if you choose to do the same. We put it in my son's nursery. It looks great - I'm so happy with how it turned out. Side note: this shop also sells a Charley Harper Birdwatching board game that we purchased in the same order and have LOVED playing it with our kiddos.

Beautiful puzzle!

The puzzle was beautiful and challenging!

Missing four pieces

Loved the beautiful puzzle. It was very well made. However, it had four pieces missing and one duplicate piece! I did contact the company and they said they would send me the missing pieces but so far haven’t received them.

Thanks for letting us know--this happens very rarely. I believe we spoke on the phone, but just in case we did not, I recommend that you contact the manufacturer at this email:, send explanation with pictures of the missing/extra pieces and of the back of the box with bar codes. They use the codes to trace down issues in their manufacturing process. I'm told they might issue a new puzzle of your choice, as often it's too difficult to provide replacement pieces. I was a little surprised to hear they plan to issue you new pieces. 
If you still haven't received replacement pieces yet, and you want to forward me the email chain, I'm happy to follow up with my sales rep and Pomegranate's customer service to try to get resolved for you. Hope this helps!

It was a lovely, well received gift.

Great product

I bought this for my hubby as he loves feeding the birds. It is a great quality feeder. The birds love it! The spiral is a very nice touch!

Christmas tree seed cake

Great item! Easy to hang and fun to watch the squirrels and birds react to it.

Perfect gift!

I went looking for a Christmas gift for my Grandma and came out with the perfect thing! So many cute bird feeders and so much more. Super cute little shop and very friendly people.

Christmas 2020

We purchased this gift for our 16 month old grandson. He loved it!! Our daughter said, of all the gifts he opened, this one was the best reaction from him. He loved the Fox, thinking it was a turkey, kept saying gobble, gobble and tons of giggles. We’ll definitely be back to pick up another puzzle for a Valentine gift for him!! Thank you.

Great ornament!

Love this Michigan ornament! Great quality & weight. Well made. Would definitely recommend.

Feed cylinders every way!

Round Steel Monogram

This was a perfect housewarming gift for my nephew and his wife. They loved it! It was the perfect gift. Highly recommend!

Items received as prdered