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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

Nature Niche Reviews

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Hot Pepper Seed

This seed is not what I was expecting. It's no more than seed with the pepper sprinkled in the bags. What I'm accustomed to with hot pepper seed is that the seed is completely coated.

Product arrives quickly and the birds love the seed logs.

Bluebird Haven

We are so thrilled with our Barrier Guard feeder!!!! Grackles were eating 90% or more of the worms. Not anymore! It took the bluebirds and wrens less than 30 minutes to start flying in. They are now content with knowing they can eat in peace! I am happy I bought the metal perches!!

The birds love it and the squirrels hate it.

Mischievous squirrel feeder

I looked out my window to discover my feeder had disappeared! Though I didn't see him do it, I strongly suspect it was a big squirrel who was hanging out at the bush where I had placed the feeder. I will need to take a walk outside and see if I can find the feeder!


Birds are enjoying the small cylinders I got from you (they're on the EZ Feeder) but avoiding the large. The large is on the EZ Feeder too. Maybe a large would do better on the other Mr. Bird cylinder feeder?

Thanks for the feedback! That's weird, but I have heard from a couple of customers that it's taking a few days to a week sometimes for their birds to start working on a seed cylinder. The feeder type shouldn't make a significant difference, although one with a weather guard to minimize snow accumulation and icing would be beneficial. Is there anything different about where the cylinders are being placed in the environment? Think about predators like hawks or domestic cats and decorative things that move or make noise and could be spooking the birds away from the feeder. Sometimes it is possible to just have so many food options out for them that they concentrate on some and ignore others for the time being. Here're links to some weather guard options:*+guard*

Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Feast Seed Cylinder - Large

Fruit & nut berry seed cylinder

This is a good product but it attracts the starlings and grackles. As a result it doesn't last as long as the safflower seed cylinder.

Woodpecker love.

My woodpeckers, squirrels and all kinds of other birds love this. It is by far the favorite.

Great adapter

The adapter fits perfectly into the feeder and onto the pole. The metal piece that fits so perfectly into the cardinal ring ensures that it will not be broken by curious squirrels that can find no way into the feeder.

Squirrel Buster Standard
Jo Ellen Randolph
Squirrel Buster

No problems with squirrels with this feeder. They are very determined rascals!

Birdie love

Love these cylinders for the ease. Just slip them on and enjoy the show with no mess.

Flamin Hot Cylinder

I LOVE this product!! I was having a lot of squirrels eating my bird, I tried this after reading about it. It's a game changer for me....It's fun to watch a squirrel go up to it and sniff-she gone then! I've got a square feeder in a tree and a cylinder on my clothesline, and it's fantastic. If you're on the fence about this food, go for it, you'll love it too.

Does hot pepper affect birds?

I bought two bells. Chickadees, wrens and other small birds seemed to enjoy the seeds very much and the bell was gone in a few days. I put up the second one a week later, and this time, the birds seem to be put off by it. They take one seed and leave, not to return. I wonder if there is more hot pepper in this batch and if it affects birds. Can it affect their digestion? Anyone has science about this? Apart from keeping the squirrels away, the heat might have other secondary effects on birds.

Thank you for the question!  It's one I asked before deciding to carry hot pepper products in my store.  The short answer is there haven't been scientific studies done to understand what negative impacts there may be from using capsaicin in bird feed.  Below are articles that discuss what is known, and some wild birds naturally do eat pepper plants that have this chemical.  Birds' pain receptors are different from those of mammals, and they are not triggered by capsaicin.  The biggest concern I could find was the possibility of eye irritation from loose powder, but again no empirical data to confirm or deny.  That's why I only carry pre-mixed products.  I had so many customers ask for this option, that I added a handful of hot pepper products to my inventory.  I always caution people about how to use it safely (protect eyes and hands and wash after installation) and to keep pets from accessing the product.
In your case, I'm not sure what would be putting the birds off. The manufacturer uses a consistent recipe, so variation in the amount of capsaicin shouldn't be a factor. I would recommend placing the bell under a weather guard or other protection to minimize degradation and movement of small particles from weather.  There are many other ways to deter squirrels, if you choose not to use hot pepper products in the future.  See the articles below and the post I did on the topic:

I hope this helps!


I have used Molly Hashimoto Bird calendars for MANY years . I great enjoy her expressive relief prints of a wide range of American birds.

Registration Fee for Fleshy Fruit for Fauna Workshop - Native Trees and Shrubs to Support Native Wildlife - 2023

Eastern Bluebird Notecard Boxed Set

Very pretty!

Best feeder ever!

It took a couple weeks for my finches to discover this feeder but today they did! I had 21 of the 24 stations filled! They ate quite a bit of thistle. Every other thistle feeder I’ve had before never worked out as they wouldn’t eat from it but this one they love! Good quality and fills easily. Received quickly and packed well.

Safflower seed cylinder

I like the safflower because it lasts10 times longer than other seed cylinders. The starlings and grackles don't care for it and it still attracts the cardinals and woodpeckers.

Bluebird House Pole
Steven Thomas
Bluebirds Rule

I've been using these same Bluebird House Mounting poles for over 10 years for the cedar Bluebird nesting housing I make. We live in Florida and these high quality steel poles are sturdy enough to handle even hurricane winds. Wouldn't use anything else.

Not squirrel proof

I was delighted with this purchase, and I certainly don't blame the product for its short life span. I thought I had placed it out of squirrel reach, but evidently I had not. I saw the feeder empty, the remains of suet on the ground, and I removed the feeder from its location on a hook on a tree. The feeder had been chewed sufficiently to allow the suet cake to drop and the feeder to be rendered useless. I now have only my wonderful cylinder bird seed feeders on a shepherd's crook---safe from squirrels---for my enjoyment.

Outstanding product! Birds absolutely love!

double suet cake feeder

great product for pileated woodpeckers and others,plus life time warrenty and best of all MADE IN USA, VERY WELL MADE

Birds love them

The birds love these cylinders, and they are so easy to use. You don’t have to worry about them every day.