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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Nature Niche Reviews

Based on 1453 reviews
Best Bird Cylinder

My birds love this mixture of seeds and berries. Price is right too.

Fun hummingbird swing

My daughter loved the gift -


Good so far birds seem to like it

Gourmet meal for birds!

The birds in my backyard absolutely love this seed cylinder! And I love it because it lasts a lot longer than round balls of seed. The birds are wonderful to watch as they enjoy their meal.

Nice seed cones … very happy , so are birdie’s

Best bird bath cleaner on the market!

The goldfinches are happy

My finches are back! The feeder is not compatible with the additive for moisture, as it blocks the feeding screen. Once I removed it the finches returned to my yard.

love my birds

Have been using these bird cylinders for years. Our birds love them and we really enjoy watching them.

Excellent quality

The perfect fit for a narrow kitchen window that attaches securely with ease to fill and clean. Good sturdy, attractive and solid construction .

Great product!

Great product! Thanks also for the quick delivery.

Great product and speedy delivery

Great product. Came packaged approximately to prevent damage during shipment. Speedy delivery. Good customer service. Thanks!

Michigan Napkin Holder
Judy Wightman

I wanted a nice souvenir from a trip to Michigan with my daughter and granddaughter. It is of very high quality and I am very pleased to look at it every day and be reminded of our trip.

Arrived quickly, and it works

My second purchase of this. Works very well and easy to apply. I have a thin black metal pole so it heats up and melts off maybe once or twice in the season, I just reapply. One tube goes a long way! Stores well. Be sure to store out of high heat.

Quality Feed Cylinders

Great product with great bulk pricing. They do not crumble.


Honestly, I bought this as a joke while tipsy so I could name it Leonardo DaFinchi, and it's not only a fantastic quality, if you squeeze it, it chirps. 10/ 10 would recommend

Hummingbird Problem solved

Bees and wasps have been dominating our feeder and chasing away the hummers. This feeder is fantastic. The bees cannot reach the nectar and the hummingbirds love it. Thank you, Martha, for a great recommendation. We are very pleased as are our tiny winged friends.

not yet

Won't be trying out our new bird bath heater until we have a freeze.

Keep the ants off and out.

Nectar Fortress is fantastic. Just put a line around the branch or hangar that you're using for your container that holds the sugar water thatthe humming birds feed on and it will keep the ants out of the food. You will not have any problems with the ants invading your feeders.

Dependable! And it REALLY works.

I've been using nectar fortress for a few years now and it keeps the ants away from our hummingbird feeders. I never have any ant problems. Highly recommend this product.

Fruit Berry Nut Medley Seed Cylinder 2 lbs

Woodpecker cylinders

They are loved by all the birds that come to eat.

Copper Hummingbird Swing
Christopher Papachristou
Wonderful addition to any hummingbird garden!

Great quality and made in the USA!

Bird puzzle

I enjoy his puzzles because there is always something to discover in the way he depicts the birds. It is easy to collect into bird pieces and then put together. Not the easiest but fun and challenging

Large butterfly habitat

The large butterfly habitat was perfect for my monarch. It saw her through all the stages. She emerged, and a day later I brought the habitat outside, unzipped the opening and after she warmed up in the sunshine she flew away. It was an awesome experience. I loved the habitat.

Exactly What I Needed, at the Best Price

These are perfect. They fit my feeder, the birds love the seed, and they cost less than anything comparable on Amazon or any other retailer.