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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $89
Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $89

Easily Feed Your Birds with Seed Cylinders.

Long Lasting

Birds can easily perch on the feeder or directly on the cylinder and peck out the exact food items they desire. No more sweeping, sorting, or spilling seed onto the ground, looking for the most preferred food items. The food lasts longer with no waste, and the birds return to the cylinder multiple times and sit choosing what to eat next and extracting it from the cylinder, ensuring a prolonged feeding and bird watching experience.

High Quality

The high quality seed cylinders we carry are made in the USA with a mix of premium seeds, nuts, and/or dried fruit and insects. These ingredients are chosen for their nutritional value, ensuring that the birds receive a well-balanced and energy-rich diet.

Easy to Use

No more lugging around heavy bags of bird seed! Our high quality bird seed cylinders take into consideration the convenience for both birds and bird enthusiasts. These easy-to-use cylinders attract a variety of wild birds and provide a hassle-free experience for those maintaining bird feeders. The seed logs have a hole running through the center and just slide over the support rod of your chosen cylinder feeder, making for a cold finger friendly way to feed in the winter! They are also great for year-round feeding, especially for folks with limited hand dexterity who have a hard time with more complicated feeder latches, twisting lids, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Common Queries About Our Seed Cylinder Products

1. Where Are They Made?

All out seed cylinders are made in the USA from premium quality ingredients. 

2. Do These Cylinders Have a Hole?

Yes! All the cylinders we carry have a hole down the center that allows easy mounting on most cylinder holders and feeders.

3. How Do They Hold Up In The Rain?

Our cylinders are bound together with either animal or vegetable gelatin. They hold up well in light rain; however, they will fare much better with a cylinder feeder with a roof for heavy rain or snow.

4. Will Squirrels Eat My Cylinder?

Absolutely, if they can access the cylinder feeder! There are a few options to help keep squirrels from eating your seed cylinders. 

1. Use the seed cylinders that contain hot pepper. These have ingredients that are thoroughly coated with hot pepper. All but the most desperate squirrels won't eat them, since mammals have the receptors to feel the burn from the pepper. Birds lack these receptors and happily eat the hot pepper-saturated foods. Be sure to wash your hands after handling these cylinders and keep them away from children and pets. Not into using hot pepper? Try using an all-safflower cylinder instead. Squirrels tend to avoid the tough-shelled bitter seeds, as do soft-billed invasive European starlings, while cardinals, grosbeaks, chickadees, woodpeckers, and many other songbirds really enjoy it!

2. Use a barrier guard or squirrel defeater feeder. These are caged feeders that allow small songbirds through (eastern bluebirds and smaller) but keep the squirrels out. Erva barrier guard feeders have the additional benefit of keeping invasive European starlings at bay, as the wider feeder width keeps them from reaching the prize in the center!

3. Use pole systems with baffles mounted 4-4.5' above the ground surface to keep squirrels and raccoons off your feeders. It is good practice to place feeder poles 8-10' away from anything a squirrel could jump off from.