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What not to feed wild birds

Mondays with Martha #84 - What not to feed wild birds

Feeding wild birds can be a really fun and rewarding hobby, but it's important to do it responsibly. In this video I share some of the most common foods that should NEVER be fed to wild birds!

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Lynn Dahl - February 2, 2022

Is it alright to string reg unsalted popcorn with cranberries around a tree in the winter for my furry feathered friends that I totally enjoy !!!!!

Lynn Dahl - February 2, 2022

Very informative about bird feeding ! Our feathers furry friends need to be fed properly … I enjoyed Martha’s video this am & appreciate her words get out to many people who NEED TO REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT it is to feed them Natural Bird food " Only "
Was wondering though that is it alright to string popcorn along with cranberries that I have seen in the trees around Christmas time … I am thinking it’s ok to do ? Need your opinion ?

Also cleaning feeders is very important …… thank You Martha

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