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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Tree Icing Suet Spread 28 oz

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Spread tree icing on tree bark or Tree Icing Feeder using the enclosed applicator or similar utensil. Not for human consumption. A mix of Suet and Peanut Butter to attract a variety of birds.

Rendered beef suet, peanut butter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Carol Crouse
Best price anywhere

Birds love this. Also this is the best price of anywhere else, when you can find it.

Susan Lewis
Tree icing

This is a GREAT product! Can’t keep up with the woodpeckers and nuthatches! They LOVE this stuff! Highly recommend product . I hand a limb near my window that I drilled huge holes in and filled holes with the icing. Also put some on a large pine cone and hung that too. Fun to watch the birds as they fly in several times a day. My friend has a tree near her window and spreads it on the bark having the same success as me.

Donice H.
Tree Icing Suet Spread--A huge hit!

We've been purchasing Pine Tree Farms Tree Icing Suet Spread exclusively from Nature Niche and the birds absolutely love it! We have several types of woodpeckers, Nuthatches and Chickadees who return daily to enjoy the Suet Spread! It's a quick, easy and mess-free way to keep some of our favorite feathered friends well-fed year round but especially during these cold winter months! And Nature Niche makes it extremely convenient to order ahead then drop by & pick up or have delivered!

Jan Hilley
Tree Icing Suet Spread is a big hit!

My regular bird visitors, and especially the woodpecker who lives in my front tree, love, love, love the tree suet. And so do the squirrels ... that's ok since I feed them as well and have been buying the tree suet for a long time... But I have to say that this is my first order from Nature Niche and I was so pleased. From other sources, the icing sometimes seems old and hard to spread. Not the seven containers from Nature Niche... so fresh and smooth and easy to spread. I'll be purchasing from them exclusively in the future. Oh, and they were also packed really well!

Florence Mackey
Fantastic stuff! Attracts every kind of bird!

When I started adding this onto my suey blocks, I started to see a much broader array of birds at my feeders. I am by the beach with few birds other than finches, black birds, seagulls etc. Now I have seen blue jays, cardinals, yellow finches etc. I don’t know where they are coming from, but it is because of this icing for sure! Love it!