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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Suet Sandwich Woodpecker Feeder

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Tired of looking at normal suet feeders? The suet sandwich feeder will look natural hanging in your trees as it attracts woodpeckers and other clingers.

Made from poly resin.

Patented design to accommodate a woodpecker's long tongue and bill while deterring other pests.

Uses specialty Choice Nutty spreadable suet (CSS).


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
nancy archer
I Love This Feeder!!!

The day after I hung this feeder filled with my homemade suet I saw : a Brown Creeper, 3 Downy’s, 5 Yellow-rumped Warbler’s, 2 Bluebirds and 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker on it! About a week later a male Pileated WP discovered it and has been coming every day! Needless to say I am so pleased with it! I think the birds feel safe on it because it is so close to the bark of my big oak tree that it is mounted on!!! Thank you so much, Nancy

Adrienne Elliot
Feeds just the woodpeckers!

For years, I watched helplessly as the sparrows, starlings, and other birds went after the suet that I put out for the woodpeckers. Even the "upside-down" suet feeders didn't deter some of these birds from eating most of the suet. This feeder, however, makes it pretty much impossible for any bird but a woodpecker to eat from it! The starlings try to hang on, but they only last a second or two before giving up. I have three species of woodpeckers in my yard that can now eat in peace!

For Woodpeckers only

I like the feeder very much, though woodpeckers still have not discovered it. We had several in the area and then had to remove feeders because of raccoons. Hopefully woodpeckers will fine the new feeder soon.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it can take up to a month for birds to find and start using anew feeder. If you are hanging in trees and have raccoons, it is a good idea to pull your feeders inside at night. I do that myself!