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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!
Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Squirrel Buster Standard

by Brome
Sold out

The new Squirrel Buster Standard raises the standard in everything a wild bird feeder should be. Here's why: Award-winning Squirrel Buster technology is truly squirrel-proof. Over 4 million very happy customers have confirmed it!

Patented weight adjustable closing mechanism shuts out squirrels as well as some heavier undesirable birds.

Seed Tube Ventilation keeps seed fresh.

Both perching and clinging footholds increase bird activity.

Chew-proof components stop annoying squirrel damage.

Detachable Component System for easy cleaning, filling and servicing.

Stainless steel perches and hanger.

UV stabilized components.

Comes with Lifetime Care.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A Winner!

It's the most effective squirrel-proof feeder I've experienced. It's well made and easy to fill.

Great feeder!

The birds like this feeder so much! I think I will also get the larger one.

Great Feeder

I bought this feeder with another Brome Feeder to use on a double shepherds hook. It is the perfect length for the hook. The squirrels have given up trying to get into it.
Wonderful product.

I love these bird feeders

i got interested in feeding the birds about two years ago. My husband and I encountered the ingenious squirrel problem right away. Watching squirrels analyze how to overcome our defenses was greatly entertaining, but also humbling and frustrating. There always seemed to be one squirrel who figured it out and taught the others. So we began to buy squirrel baffles and feeders that were supposed to let the birds have a chance to get some food.

After spending too much money on multiple failed options, I bought a squirrel buster standard. It was more expensive but I fell in love. Combined with a baffle it became a feeder for just the birds! A month later I bought the squirrel buster mini. And this year I purchased two more from Nature Niche as they had the best price (so much better than Amazon).

The birds love these feeders, I love watching the birds. The squirrels, however, don't love them. They have to settle on looking longingly up at the unattainable as they settle for the leftovers on the ground.


Had a wire cage before this one and the squirrels bend the cover. This one so far is holding up great! Thank you for making a much better feeder. Warren