Endangered Ferns Towel
Endangered Ferns Towel from June December
Towel with ferns
June & December

Endangered Ferns Towel

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25” x 26” towel

100% natural flour sack cotton

Screen printed using eco-friendly inks

Towel size + colors may vary slightly

Pre-shrunk, machine washable, + iron safe

Designed, Processed, Printed and Packaged in USA

Screen printed on natural, unbleached flour sack cotton to preserve its uniquely soft, absorbent, and durable nature, this towel is machine washable.

In the United States alone, there are 38 endangered species of ferns. Designed by June & December to bring awareness to what they hold sacred, nature and all its wonders.  Do you love ferns and want to learn more?  Here's a list of the endangered fern species that inspired the artist:

Adenophorus periens, Pendant kihi fern
Asplenium dielerectum, Asplenium-leaved diellia
Asplenium dielfalcatum
Asplenium dielmannii
Asplenium dielpallidum
Asplenium peruvianum var. insulare
Asplenium scolopendrium var. americanum, American hart's-tongue fern
Asplenium unisorum
Ctenitis squamigera, Pauoa
Cyclosorus boydiae, Kupukupu makalii
Deparia kaalaana
Doryopteris angelica
Doryopteris takeuchii
Dryopteris crinalis var. podosorus,  Palapalai aumakua
Dryopteris glabra var. pusilla, Hohiu
Hypolepis hawaiiensis var. mauiensis, Olua
Microlepia strigosa var. mauiensis
Pteris lidgatei
Tectaria estremerana
Thelypteris inabonensis
Thelypteris pilosa var. alabamensis, Alabama streak-sorus fern
Torreya taxifolia, Florida torreya


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