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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

Conservation Bat Box - 2 Chambers

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Not only is the angled cut-away front of this conservation bat box aesthetically pleasing; it also allows the bats to climb into the preferred chamber. 

Designed for multi-species, this 2-chamber box may access inspection via the hinged roof, secured by a removable screw. 

This bat box is handmade from untreated solid, high quality, durable FSC certified timber which provides longevity and excellent insulation. This box has an open bottom to keep guano from accumulating inside.

Since guano will end up on the ground underneath; avoid placing bat houses directly above windows, doors, decks, or walkways. Bat urine may stain some finishes. Two-inch or four-inch spacers between the bat house and the wall or a large backboard may reduce guano deposits on the wall. A potted plant or a shallow tray or plant saucer can be placed underneath a bat house to collect bat guano for use as fertilizer in flower beds or gardens. Do not use a bucket or deep container (unless 1⁄4-inch or smaller mesh covers the entire top of the container), as any baby bats that fall from the bat house could become trapped inside.


Overall Dimensions: 17.5" tall, 12" wide, 5.5" deep.
Chamber Openings: 13/16" of space in the back chamber, 9/16" of space in the front chamber.



Can be mounted on wooden posts, steel poles, pivot poles, or on the sides of buildings, but they should not be mounted on trees for three reasons per Bat Conservation International:

They receive less sun among the branches
Bat tenants are more vulnerable to predators
Obstructions in the form of branches and surrounding vegetation make it more difficult for bats to drop into flight.

Mount your bat house under the eaves on wood or stone buildings where they are still exposed to the sun, to protect them from rain and predators. Bat houses should be mounted in an area that gets 6-8 hours of direct sunlight (facing either East or South). To the extent possible, locate all houses 20 to 30 feet from tree branches or other flight obstacles and 12 to 20 feet above the ground (or above the tallest vegetation beneath the bat house).

Try to locate your bat house nearest your area’s largest water source and adjacent to the most diverse or natural vegetation. Best locations are along streams, rivers, lakes, or forests, because these are natural bat flyways.


Your Conservation Bat Box will require almost no upkeep. Bats are susceptible to smell and will be deterred by any treatments applied. The water-based finish will eventually wear down after several years meaning you can embrace the weathering or choose to refinish it yourself (with water-based paint only) . The bats will not mind, so it’s totally up to your aesthetic preference. Most guano on the landing pads will wash away with rain, but if it does start accumulating over a season, consider putting on a facemask and goggles during the winter and giving the landing pads a quick scrub when the bats are hibernating. Do not inhale any dust and consider hiring a contractor to do this work for you. Please do all your maintenance on your bat box in the winter months when the animals are hibernating to avoid disturbing them in their home.

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