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How to Hang Your Metal Artwork Outdoors

How to Hang Your Metal Artwork Outdoors

Metal Artwork

There is a growing trend in hanging metal artwork outdoors. As more people are expanding their living areas to include outdoor spaces, they are looking for ways to decorate and attract nature.

There are so many styles, colors, and options when it comes to metal artwork, so there is literally something for everyone. Maybe you want to add pizzazz to your garden or put a signature piece on your deck or patio. You might have an entryway that needs a splash of color or even an outside wall that could use a style upgrade. 

Metal artwork is the answer, and it is easier than you think to hang and display. Read on for art tips on how to create one-of-a-kind outdoor decor. 

What Exactly Is Outdoor Art

You might think that anything displayed outside would be considered outdoor art. However, just because you put something on your deck or porch doesn't mean it was designed or made to be weatherproof. 

If you want your outdoor artwork to last, it must be weatherproof. That is why metal garden art is your best choice. It is crafted to withstand rain, wind, the sun's heat, and cold. 

While there is outdoor metal decor to fit every taste, make sure you pick high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. 

Besides material type, take the size of the artwork and the location into consideration as well. If you have a large area, don't put up a small piece, or it will look lost. On the opposite side of things, if your area is small, don't hang a large piece that will overpower the space. 

Art Tips for Where To Place Your Outdoor Metal Art

So the idea of bringing an artistic feel to the outside of your home sounds appealing, but you are not sure where to start. Here are some creative ideas. 

Deck Out Your Deck

If your deck area is used for entertaining, you should give some thought to placing some artwork there. Make sure to follow the color scheme and any established theme, so it complements what is already there. 

It can be attached to the railing or fencing that borders the deck. If you have an open layout, you can affix it to an adjacent wall. Another option is to get a free-standing metal sculpture and place it on a table or stand. 

Dress Up Any Outdoor Structure

There is often very little visual interest provided by a standard outbuilding. You can fix that by adding a piece of metal artwork to the side. 

You can even take one extra step and paint the garage or shed in a color that will complement the piece and turn a boring structure into the focal point of your yard. 

Create a Welcoming Statement

Some people choose wreaths for their front entryways. Why not take things up a notch and go with some metal art?! 

You can go with a monogram or last name piece. If you don't want to be that personal, there are endless designs to showcase your personality and create a fun or unique entryway into your home. 

Out by the Pool

If you have a pool or spa area, you already have a place to relax and unwind. Why not add some additional artistic features to enhance the surrounding atmosphere. 

The art would look great on a fence around the pool or even on a nearby patio. Go with a shorebird, wetland, tropical, or nautical feel to stay in theme. 

A birdbath is another great addition to any outside water feature or space. 

Don't Forget the Trees

When thinking about using outdoor metal art, don't limit yourself to the house itself. Trees make a great backdrop for the piece of your choice. You can even go with a multi-pack collection and decorate more than one. 

If you live in an area with deciduous vegetation, take advantage of the fall and winter months and all those bare branches.  Look for opportunities with high visibility to “liven up” dormant trees and shrubs with a splash of color or reflective metal art that enhances the winter sunlight.

If you don't have trees but have a garden trellis, consider adding a small piece there to enrich and expand the beauty of the flowers or plants already there. 

How To Hang Your Metal Artwork

Once you have the perfect piece and have decided on where to place it, the next step is hanging it properly. A little thought and even preparation are needed to make sure it stays in place. For placing your piece on a door or fence, you can use standard door hangers or regular outdoor wood nails.  If you are having a piece custom designed, be sure to coordinate about the hanger type, installation location, and placement of holes within the artwork during the design process.

Here are helpful tips for additional installation locations: 

Hanging on Brick

Hanging a picture on the wall inside your home is easy. There is a little more that goes into the process if you are hanging on an outdoor brick wall

First, be very sure about where you want the piece to go. You only want to drill the hole once. Measure and mark the exact spot. Have someone hold it in place and then back up and walk around to make sure it looks good from all angles. 

Masonry nails are installed in the mortar between bricks, are easier to install than screws, and usually leave behind a smaller hole that’s relatively easy to repair with masonry repair filler.  Use a masonry bit and drill a small hole. Place the nail in and continue by hammering the nail straight in. Make sure it is secure and doesn't move before hanging the art. 

Depending on the artwork shape and weight and type of brick, brick clips or brick hangers may also be an option to consider.  For hanging temporary artwork that you want to switch out seasonally and pieces designed to move in the wind, consider installing small wall hooks or larger wall hangers.   

For large and more permanent installations, consider using anchor screws and a masonry drill bit to be sure the piece is properly supported and won’t move.  Consider the type and age of your brick, the depth and diameter of the holes required by the type of anchor you use, and the weight you’re placing on the fasteners before deciding to install into the brick vs. the mortar.   

Hanging on Trees

There are many decorative ideas using trees. While some projects do include using small nails, you should use care when putting something directly into the tree itself. The key to using trees as the backdrop for your metal artwork is to avoid and minimize the use of large nails or screws and restrictive straps, wire, or chains. 

The former can cause damage to the tree’s bark and vascular tissues and open them up to insects, bacteria, and other harmful fungi.  To avoid the spread of diseases like oak wilt, install tree stakes and fasteners when your oak trees are dormant and temperatures are consistently less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Avoid wounding oaks especially between April 15th and July 15th.  

The latter can restrict tree trunk and branch secondary growth if affixed tightly and left in place for more than one growing season.  Be sure straps, cables, or chains used to install metal art are loose-fitting, coated or wrapped in bark-friendly materials, and monitored and/or moved every year to prevent tree wounding, girdling, and deformation over time.

Your Artwork - Your Style

Adding metal artwork outside can create a nice transition from the inside of your home into outdoor living spaces. The above art tips will ensure your new addition creates both style and beauty. 

Here at Nature Niche, our goal is to help you support and celebrate nature in your backyard and other landscapes. Contact us for ideas, gifts, products, and artwork to complete your outdoor experience.
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