Happy Earth Day!

bird's egg fungus

Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Now through April 26th, we're pleased to offer 10% off your entire order. Simply enter coupon code EARTH2020 when you check out.

While this isn’t exactly the Earth Day week we were all anticipating, we can still remember the evolution of our environmental stewardship and celebrate in our own special ways! Here are three suggestions to help you, your family, and friends know, understand, and steward the landscape ecosystems of which we are an integral part:

  • Get outside and connect with nature! Although we may be temporarily distanced from our loved ones, nature is all around us and just waiting to be rediscovered. Get out for some fresh air and observe the special treasures nature offers us each day.  As an example, the photo is of some bird’s nest fungus I discovered while inspecting my native plant flowerbeds over Easter weekend!  We have tools, kits, and guides for the seasoned and budding naturalists in your life. Check out Outdoor Exploration items here.     
  • Be a hometown habitat hero by using your yard or other properties to enhance wildlife habitat! Take time to assess the landscapes you influence for opportunities and constraints to providing food, water, and shelter for our native wildlife species.  What native plants could be added or better protected through invasive plant control measures to fuel your local food webs?  Consider adding feeding and sheltering structures like bird, bat, or butterfly and other insect houses; wildlife feeders; bird baths; butterfly puddlers; and nesting materials and ledges.  Many birds are nesting, species are migrating, and the early season plants and pollinators are out and about! We have many options to choose from and the supplies to keep them functional and safe. Check out our backyard nature products and gardening for wildlife items.
  • Educate yourself and others! That’s why I started Nature Niche: to learn more myself by teaching others and sharing my knowledge and passion for our landscape ecosystems and native flora and fauna with you!  By knowing, understanding, and stewarding our natural environments, we make the world a better place for humans and other organisms and receive many blessings in return.  Share the gift of a nature art activity, game, puzzle, or science kit.  Consider wearing a pair of our recycled cereal box nature earrings on your next Zoom or Skype meeting; they make for great conversation starters about rare species conservation and/or recycling and reuse of materials. Check out our Environmental Education items and our nature-themed jewelry.

If you have any questions, send us an email at sales@nature-niche.com or give us a call at 989-423-1477.  Free local delivery and no-contact at-store pick up options are available in addition to shipping.

If you are adventurous and want to think harder about your role in stewarding Planet Earth, I highly recommend reading A Manifesto for Earth by Ted Mosquin and Stan Rowe.  Remember, we only have one Home Place, and we’re all in this together!

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  • Dianne Martin on

    Hi Martha,
    Anne Vaara just told me about your new endeavor! Congratulations and all my best for success! I’ll stop in when I’m up that way!

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