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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Cherry Crunch Suet Cake

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Cherry Crunch Suet Cake in the candy bar wrapper for Easy Open, No Mess handling. High quality, melt resistant suet blend in an environmentally friendly package. Suet Plus uses less packaging by weight than suet in a tray and is 100% recyclable.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Abbey/Amy Sequin
Smells amazing and seems to attract a lot of birds!

It smells amazing first of all, but it seems to work the best at attracting all sorts of birds! I never had a piliated woodpecker on our feeders and within a day I had one on my feeder. It seems to attract some species I haven't seen at our feeders in a while and tons of woodpeckers.These are the only suet cakes I will buy now with the occasional apple or orange cake of the same brand.

Gary Vanblaricum
Cherry suet

The birds seem to love it

Christine Johnston
Cherry Crunch Suet Cake

The birds are loving them! I will be back for more! They smell wonderful!

Birds are insane for this

I have no explanation, but my local birds love this stuff. I have three kinds of woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, blue jays, and never before seen at any suet feeder by me - juncos (they found a small cavity where they can land at the base of my Squirrel Buster suet feeder. My only theory is the strong smell attracts them (which I have to say is rather pleasant even to a human). Even after replacing it with another variety, the birds seemed to gravitate to where that used to be, and when I finally put another one there, they went crazy for it again.

As with all the Suet Plus products, the packaging is great, and a very welcome change from trying and failing to keep my hands clean with other packaging and being left with a pile of various plastic packaging.

Jim and Leticia Cherry

Slow feeding action but having issues with squirrels around feeder

Thanks for the feedback. If this is a new feeder, it can sometimes take several weeks for the birds to find it. Slow feeding action may also be the result of predators hanging around the feeder, like domestic cats and hawks. If you believe this is happening, try removing your feeders for a few days to discourage predators and then put them back out.
Yes, squirrels do enjoy suet as a high energy food source, too! We carry several products that help protect suet cakes from the squirrels, if you do not wish to feed them, including hanging, pole-mount, and 4x4 post-mount squirrel baffles; squirrel-resistant suet feeders; and hot pepper suet cakes. See Mondays with Martha #28 on our YouTube channel for more specifics on deterring squirrels:
Hope this helps, and please reach out if you would like help selecting a squirrel deterrent!