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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $89
Hanging Bird Bath: 10 Reasons It’s a Natural Backyard Fit

Hanging Bird Bath: 10 Reasons It’s a Natural Backyard Fit


Few activities are as enjoyable as watching clean little wings flutter in and out of your backyard bird bath. These lawn and garden installations give nearby birds a place to return to when they want to rinse off, quench their thirst, or simply splash around with their plumed pals. 

For years, heavy concrete vessels were your only options when you wanted to offer the local cardinals, bluebirds, wrens, and other local species of birds with an area of respite near your home. Now, however, you can find hanging bird bath models in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Interested in adding one to your landscaped space? If so, there are plenty of benefits you can expect when you choose these models over the kinds that have dominated home and garden stores for decades. Today, we’re sharing 10 reasons why these installations are a natural fit for any avian enthusiast!

What Is a Hanging Bird Bath?

As its name implies, a hanging bird bath consists of a platform, pan, or basin that hangs from a chain. You can use the chain to hang the bath from a variety of points, such as a coordinating patio hook or even a tree limb!

In this way, it is a diversion from the pedestal-style basins we’re used to seeing, where the basin and its bottom support are one solid piece or two separate pieces, usually constructed of a durable material such as molded concrete or glazed terracotta. These models sit directly on the ground and are not suspended.

While both models have their pros and cons, it helps to know what sets a hanging bird bath apart, and why you should consider it for your outdoor space. Next, let’s take a look at 10 top reasons to add one to your home today!

  1. Placement Flexibility

Why are hanging bird baths so popular? One of the main reasons is that they offer you a wider array of placement possibilities!

While conventional pedestal structures are effective in their own right, there’s no denying that most aren’t exactly space savers. Their bulky size usually limits where you can install them, and unless your backyard is extensive, you may not have a lot of spots that will work well.

With a hanging bird bath, you are limited by only your imagination. This step is made all the easier when you pair your model with a porch or patio pole. These accessories are streamlined, compact, and infinitely practical, capable of holding and displaying a variety of items including plants, lawn decorations, and, yes, bird baths!

This way, you can enjoy an up-close view of your feathered friends as they splash just a few feet from where you’re sitting. A patio pole installs in seconds on your back porch or garden and frees up the rest of your yard, too!

You can also move your bird bath as required, if you find that one spot works better than another or attracts a greater number of birds. It isn’t exactly as easy to relocate a concrete structure, and, once you do, you won’t want to move it again!

  1. Ideal for Small Spaces

In general, most hanging bird baths tend to be smaller and more lightweight than their conventional counterparts. This makes them the perfect solution for anyone whose back yard is tiny or even non-existent.

There’s a common misconception that you have to have a sprawling yard or acres of land to enjoy the nature that exists around your home. This is fundamentally untrue, and if you look long enough, you’ll find that there are living creatures all around you, even if you live in the heart of the city!

Hang a bird path on a patio pole and make it a permanent fixture on your apartment balcony. In fact, you’ll find that bringing the fixture closer to you helps you see and appreciate its activity that much more! 

Bigger pedestal models tend to be located at least a few yards away from where your family congregates outside, and it can be difficult to notice every bathing beauty that emerges. With a hanging bird bath, you have an up-close and personal view of everything that happens.

For those super short on space, you can even use miniature models, such as the Mini Hanging Bird Bath available in our online shop! Light enough to be secured on just a tree branch, the platform is constructed of a frame made of Western Red Cedar that measures 19 inches wide. The pan itself is 14 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep.

Looking for another way to sneak a closer peek at the variety of birds on your property? We also sell clamp mount bird baths, which are equally low-profile, securing easily onto the handrails of your porch or deck. These models are also easy to secure and provide an excellent vantage point when it’s time for the birds to rinse off or grab a drink!

  1. Attract More Birds

Space-wise, most hanging bird baths don’t take up any more square footage than a traditional hanging bird feeder. Yet, if you’re deciding between the two, a bird bath may offer you the opportunity to see an even greater variety of birds than you thought possible.

Why is this the case? Put simply, all species of birds need to drink! This is as true for the goldfinch as it is for the hummingbird. 

On the other hand, depending on the type of seed you add to your feeder, you may only attract certain birds to come eat. However, a clean and constant source of fresh water is a treat that few species can deny. This is especially the case when fresh water isn’t as readily available, such as during a season of drought or in the middle of winter.

In addition, unlike most dogs and cats, scientists agree that a majority of birds actually enjoy taking a bath! This quick grooming ritual helps keep their feathers clean and in good condition, which is a good thing, as most birds only replace their feathers once or twice a year.

What is another way hanging bird baths encourage them to visit your home and stick around for a while? These backyard fixtures move gently with the wind, suspended only by the chains that hold them up. 

While you might think that this slight movement would scare birds away, the opposite effect actually holds true. Just as humans find peace and relaxation by the sound of water that’s slowly moving or trickling, birds are equally enticed by these sounds and sights. 

When you go this route, you don’t have to invest in elaborate fountain accessories designed to imitate the sound of moving water. Rather, you can showcase the real deal for a fraction of the cost, without any electricity or solar power required!

  1. Easy to Maintain

You might love watching the birds flock in droves to splash in your bird bath or nibble from your feeder, but cleaning and maintaining backyard accessories and installations can be time-consuming and laborious depending on the number you have. 

In addition, on top of needing routine upkeep, many clay or cement bird baths can also crack, if they are wet or filled with water and the temperature dips below freezing. When this happens, replacements can be easier and less expensive than repairs!

This is another reason why many homeowners prefer a hanging bird bath over any other kind. Most of the time, these vessels are small enough to be taken indoors and cleaned in your kitchen or utility sink.

This is good news, considering that many models are both small and delicate, requiring gentle hand washing rather than more powerful pressure washing. Every few days, simply drain it,  bring it inside to clean it, and refill it with fresh water.  This healthy practice also disrupts the development of mosquito larvae, so you have fewer pesky adults to deal with and reduced risk for mosquito-borne diseases!  

With a small hanging bird bath, you can take care of this step in a matter of minutes, which can help you stay far more motivated to stick to a regular upkeep schedule! When the air temperature starts getting cold, a small hanging bird bath is also easy to store in your home closet, shed, or garage. 

  1. Simple to Replace

What would happen if you invested a sizable amount of money in an oversized, super heavy bird bath with a pedestal base, only to discover that it cracked a few months later?

Replacing such a structure could set you back significantly. Moreover, even if you do buy a new one, the task of removing the original bird bath from your property can take more time, money, and energy than you might expect.

Conversely, if anything happens to compromise the form or function of the basin on your hanging bird bath, you can quickly and easily find replacement models. If you need one, we even sell replacement pans right in our online store! 

This 14-inch Mini Replacement Pan fits our Mini Hanging Bird Bath and is an economical way to extend the life of your installation. Available in a green or clay color, it also fits our Mini Garden Bird Baths and Cedar Non-Heated Bird Bath Deck Mount.

  1. Express Your Personality and Style

For all their practicality, most conventional bird baths can come up short in the style department. This definitely isn’t the case with a hanging bird bath!

Though they are smaller in size, these models are big on aesthetics and make a gorgeous addition to any property, blending in seamlessly with any type of home decor. Whether your look is rustic, glam, traditional or super modern, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and handiwork that went into creating these innovative additions.

Need convincing? Check out our Daisy Bird Bath, which is one of the most head-turning items in our shop! This hanging bird bath measures 12 inches across, but the real detail to note is its colorful, mesmerizing surface.

Constructed of both metal and recycled glass, this model comes in a variety of different colors, including:

  • Aqua
  • Fuchsia
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Clear

During the creation process, artisans paint the colored glass onto the bottom of the bird bath. Then, they bake it to make sure it’s durable enough to resist fading, even when placed in direct sunlight. 

Choose a tone that will coordinate well with the other lawn ornaments or bird feeders nearby for a carefully curated look that will serve as an instant conversation starter! You’ll soon discover a variety of birds flocking to this piece, including bluebirds, orioles, and juncos, among others. 

In addition to our model, you can find hanging bird baths in almost any style or design you can imagine. Look for one with tones that complement your existing yard decor, and you can spend hours outside watching the birds travel back and forth!

  1. Simple to Embellish

As long as you make sure to keep your hanging bird bath filled with clean water, there really isn’t much you must do to keep it functional and looking its best. 

However, most bird lovers know that stopping at the bare minimum is rarely the right move for their backyard hobby! 

When you want to add a decorative touch to your bird bath, you can easily fill it with small, decorative stones. In addition to adding a touch of natural flair, these stones also provide visiting birds with small islands to rest on during their bath and can help them feel more secure as they visit the bird bath. You can also place a small branch or twig in the bird bath to act as a similar type of footrest. 

If you were to fill up a larger pedestal-style basin with small stones, you’d drain nearly an entire bag trying to cover the entire surface area. The smaller footprint of hanging models means that it doesn’t take much time or money to keep them well-stocked.

Meanwhile, these installations also look beautiful next to your other lawn and garden decor. From metal garden art to bluebird houses and hummingbird feeders, you can’t go wrong when you transform your backyard space into an oasis for the chirping friends who call your home landscape their own.

  1. Shallow, Safe Basins 

Birds do love a good splash, but a good soak is a different story. 

For this reason, most will avoid bird baths that are more than a few inches deep. When there’s an abundance of water, they cannot wade in and make sure it’s safe and secure, and getting their footing can prove incredibly difficult. If you have a conventional bird bath, you can add a few rocks or pebbles to the bottom of the water to adjust the water level and make it easier to navigate. 

Yet, with newer hanging models, this becomes less of an issue. Due to its smaller scale, a hanging bird bath is usually designed to be shallow and easy for any bird to navigate. This can help birds feel more comfortable, which translates to more activity right outside your window.

At the same time, the airy and freestanding design of these basins means that birds can easily shake out their feathers and preen themselves when they finish drinking or taking a dip. 

When birds preen, this is simply the act of rearranging and cleaning their feathers. They’ll use their bill to straighten and separate their feathers and remove any dirt or debris left behind. With a hanging bird bath, they can find a sunny spot to land on a perch and shake off!

  1. Can Hang Near Cover

Would you love to take a bath in the middle of someone’s yard, without any proactive cover nearby? While we shudder at this thought out of modesty, birds aren’t exactly concerned about being decent.

Most of them will, however, steer clear of bird houses, feeders, and baths that are too far from any form of shade or protective cover. Why? They’re too exposed to any potential predators that could be lurking nearby, such as hawks. 

With a hanging bird bath, you have the freedom and flexibility to hang your accessory almost anywhere. Many homeowners choose to place theirs near their decks or pergolas, so their birds can feel shrouded from any peering predatory eyes. 

In your quest to find shade and security, try to avoid placing your bird bath directly inside of a tree, as any debris that the tree sheds could enter the bird bath and serve as food for algae and other microorganisms. Still, you can place it close enough to a branch or nearby surface so that if the bird needed to flee for protection, it would be close to a safe spot.

Why should birds be so concerned about their security? They’re acutely aware of the threats that exist all around them.

Did you know that birds actually have upper and lower eyelids that they can close to protect their eyes? They’ll also shut them throughout the day to keep their eyes from drying out. As they splash around, they’ll close their eyelids to prevent water from getting into their eyes, like you do when you take a shower!

The only problem? Closing their eyes for even a brief second leaves birds vulnerable to nearby attackers. This helps explain why they feel most at ease bathing in darker, covered areas where they can truly relax. 

Plus, positioning your bird bath in the shade helps to keep the water inside of it cool! Like us, birds don’t want to drink hot water that’s been sitting out all day. Areas of shade keep it at a pleasant temperature, reduce evaporation, and can even help prevent the growth and spread of algae and bacteria. 

  1. Low to the Ground

When you hang a bird bath from your patio pole, it will usually hang down lower than a pedestal bird bath would sit. 

This is an excellent benefit that these models offer, as many species of birds are already used to searching for water to drink out of the ground. This is one reason why most will prefer bird baths that are either at or near ground level.

In our shop, we have a few products that cater to this innate need, such as our Heated Bird Bath: Ground Level. Delivering 60 watts of heat, this luxurious bird bath is thermostatically controlled,meaning it only heats when necessary, and measures 14 inches in diameter. With this simple installation, you can provide the birds near your home with access to fresh water, even if the outdoor temperatures dip to less than 20 degrees!

Another perk? It’s more difficult for larger, preying birds to attack smaller ones if the bird bath is located closer to the ground. This offers another layer of protection and can help them feel more secure as they play, splash, and drink from the bird bath.

Find the Perfect Hanging Bird Bath Today

There’s a reason why so many homeowners and birding enthusiasts have made the switch from pedestal bird baths to alternative designs, including hanging, ground level, and clamp mount models.

These innovative products take birds’ natural habits and preferences into account, and are built to meet their innate needs. When you install a hanging bird bath in your yard, you’re catering to the creatures that already love feeding, visiting, and perching on your property. 

When you’re ready to find the right one for your space, we encourage you to check out our online shop. In addition to bird baths, we also provide a variety of items designed to help you create the ideal outdoor retreat. If you have any questions as you browse our collections, feel free to reach out to our team

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Donna Ryan - February 7, 2021

Never had a hanging birdbath! Just ordered one! Can`t wait till Spring!! I wanted to share…..I have had a heated birdbath for years and it is wonderful to watch. It is always occupied with so many kinds of birds drinking, squirrels leaning in to get a long drink and coming out with frosted whiskers, and chipmunks, too! It is easy maintenance and it helps them get drinks when all is frozen. In the cool evenings of Late Fall, before the tiny Tree Frogs went into hibernation, they would circle the edge, as many as 12 at a time, elbows over the edge, body in the water, just chillin`.
I loved watching them. Thank you, Nature Niche!! Love your products!

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