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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Humm-Bug Hummingbird Feeder

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The Humm-Bug no nectar feeders attract hummingbirds by first attracting fruit flies. A favorite treat for the tiny fine-feathered friends. Simply open the two piece feeder, add 2 to 3 bananas and within a few days, hummingbirds will arrive to feast on the fruit flies.
Dimensions: 10.00 (D) x 10.00 (W) x 5.25 (H) inches 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Phyllis Freyaldenhoven
Fruit Flies Arrived!!

It's been a little over a week since I put my feeder out and the fruit flies are coming around. I put it near my nectar feeders so hopefully the hummers will start using it. I'm so excited. What a great idea!

Great alternative to nectar feeders

I've noticed in the spring when hummingbird chicks need to be fed, I often stop seeing hummingbirds at my nectar feeders. Hummingbirds need protein that nectar doesn't supply, and I think the parents spend their time looking for insects to feed the chicks. This feeder should encourage the birds to continue to be where I can see them while they hunt for fruit flies.

Walter Filipowicz
Hum bug

Its a great profuct and seen hummingbird come to it

Dayna Schoessler
hummbug feeder

Well it has almost been 2 weeks since I put the bananas in and so far I havent seen any fruit flies. Which is weird because I usually cant get rid of them. Maybe it just needs to be a little warmer.

Yep, I'm sure they will get going once the nights are warmer!