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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today!

Green Spiral Finch (Nyjer/Thistle) Tube Feeder - 17 inch

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Consumers and birds LOVE patented Songbird Essentials BirdQuest Spiral Feeders! More ports means more birds. Birds love to "Run The Spiral" instead of flying to another perch. This feeder not only lloks great in your yard, it is also well made and affordable. 

- Lifetime warranty on workmanship and normal wear and tear.

- Aluminum and stainless steel parts.

- Squirrel-resistant with patented locking lid--just twist and lock.  For best results, use a baffle or guard with this feeder, as desperate squirrels can and will chew through the plastic tube.

- Easy to clean: twist and clean (patent pending) bottom comes completely off for easy cleaning. This allows you to fill the top one time and the bottom the next. This means seed never gets old or moldy.

- Easy to hang: looped wire hanging cable included (150 lb. test) and attached. Holds cap, so you don't have to wonder where you put it.

- 2.5 Quart capacity (1.5 pounds).

-Tray sold separately.

- Use the SESQ83 12 inch Hanging Baffle to help protect your seed and feeder from squirrels and weather.

Customer Reviews

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Martin Link
Green Spiral Finch Tube Feeder

I like the design and have placed the feeder filled with Finch food for two weeks now. I have not seen any Finch appear and the feeder remains full. I hope they appear soon. Thank you for your support.

So glad you like the design--we do, too! I'm sorry to hear that the birds aren't using it yet! Sometimes it can take up to a month or so for birds to find and then start using a new feeder. In talking to bird feeder manufacturers and my customers, I learned that if a feeder isn't being used, it can sometimes be the seed that's the issue. Nyjer is processed in a way to sterilize it/keep it from germinating. Sometimes the seed gets over-processed and dries out too much, and the birds will avoid it, especially if there's better seed available nearby. You might consider trying a different batch or source for the seed in the nyjer feeder to see if that helps. My birds seem to really love the finch favorite mix I carry, which is just nyjer mixed with finely chopped sunflower hearts. You should be able to find something similar locally. You'll also want to check if the nyjer seed has sat and gotten moldy. Does this feeder get hit by your or a neighbor's sprinkler system? Has it been sitting stagnant for more than a week? If so, the seed will cake and become moldy and the birds won't touch it. Best thing to do is clean and dry the feeder thoroughly, put in fresh seed, and move to a dry location in your yard. I carry a feeder fresh product to help with seed molding issues (, but I'm not convinced it will help a feeder that sits within a sprinkler's daily spray path. Hope these tips help! I do believe your feeder will get plenty of use with a little more time and maybe different seed.