Green meadow finch feeder
Finch Feeder in all Yellow
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Green Meadow

Finch Feeder

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This is an excellent quality finch feeder from Green Meadow. It is designed to hold nyjer and attract finches from afar.

Made from polywood, a recycled milk jug product.

Stainless steel fasteners and hanger.

Post mount or hanging

Roof lifts to easily add food. 

Size: 5" wide x 5.25" deep x 14" high

Made in the USA!

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Customer Reviews

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Amish Finch Feeder

This is the 2nd Amish feeder I have purchased. Unfortunately, I have never had birds go to the Amish feeders.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear you aren't seeing birds on your finch feeder!  FYI, there has been a trend for bird seed producers to 'overcook' the nyjer seed during the process to sterilize it/keep it from germinating.  When really dried out, the finches may refuse to eat it.  I'm not sure where your current finch seed came from, but this might be the issue. 
Same goes if the nyjer seed sits and gets moldy.  Does this feeder get hit by your or a neighbor's sprinkler system?  Has it been sitting stagnant for more than a week?  If so, the seed will cake and become moldy, and the birds won't touch it.  Best thing to do is clean and dry it thoroughly, put in fresh seed, and move to a dry location in your yard.  I carry a feeder fresh product to help with seed molding issues (, but I'm not convinced it will help a feeder that sits within a sprinkler's daily spray path.
Hope these suggestions help!