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Copper Spiral Thistle Feeder - 17 inch

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Consumers and birds LOVE patented Songbird Essentials BirdQuest Spiral Feeders! More ports means more birds. Birds love to Run The Spiral instead of flying to another perch. This feeder not only lloks great in your yard, it is also well made and affordable. 

- Lifetime warranty on workmanship and normal wear and tear.

- Aluminum and stainless steel parts.

- Squirrel-proof- patented locking lid.

- Easy to clean- twist and clean (patent pending) easy-clean bottom comes completely off for easy cleaning. This allows you to fill the top one time and the bottom the next. This means seed never gets old or moldy.

- Easy to hang- looped wire hanging cable included (150 lb. test) and attached. Holds cap so you don't have to wonder where you put it.

- 2.5 Quart capacity (1.5 pounds).

-Tray sold separately.

- Use the SESQ83 Hanging Baffle to help protect your seed and feeder from squirrels and weather.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice looking, but finches do not come to it
Thanks for your honest review--we appreciate customer feedback!  Curious if you checked the thistle seed for issues, as I use this feeder at home daily, and my American goldfinches love it.  Wondering if maybe the seed is old or moldy?  I have definitely witnessed wild birds being selective in their feeding and choosing fresh, high quality seed over older stuff.  I also recommend trying a nyjer seed mixed with finely processed sunflower seed chips--they go crazy for that, and it works with this feeder's small ports. Couple other suggestions that may help the thistle seed stay fresh and avoid mold: 1) Be sure you are taking advantage of the bottom filling feature.  Turn the feeder upside down, remove the bottom cap, and pour new seed in, so the oldest seed ends up on top and is consumed first.  Discard any seed that has become moldy before refilling, and make sure the drains in the clear bottom tray of the bottom cap are unplugged, so the feeder drains properly.  2) Be sure your feeder is located such that it doesn't get hit by your or a neighbor's sprinkler systems. 3) If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain and/or the air is very humid, consider purchasing a weather guard/squirrel baffle to minimize the amount of rain water that reaches the feeder.  We sell several clear plastic and metal versions, if that helps. 4) Something of a pain, but if you know a big storm is coming, pull your feeders inside until the weather clears--it's the surest way to keep seed dry and know it won't spoil.   Hope this helps!
Beautiful looking feeder
Nice copper color