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Copper Spiral Seed (Sunflower) Feeder - 17 inch

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Add some style to your yard with this Copper Mixed Seed Spiral Feeder. Consumers and birds LOVE patented Songbird Essentials BirdQuest Spiral Feeders! This feeder is not only well made, it is very affordable.

- More ports means more birds. Birds love to Run The Spiral instead of flying to another perch.

- Spiral allows cardinals, grosbeaks, and other desirable large songbirds to feed. With normal perch tube feeders, these birds have difficulty feeding without a seed tray.

- Lifetime warranty on workmanship and normal wear and tear.

- Aluminum and stainless steel parts.

- Squirrel-proof: patented locking lid- just twist and lock.

- Easy to clean: twist and clean (patent pending) bottom comes completely off for easy cleaning. No screws to mess with.

- Easy to hang: looped wire hanging cable included (150 lb. test).

- Holds cap, so you don't have to wonder where you put it.

- Feeders come completely assembled (in beautiful open view box.) Take out of the box, hang in your yard, and watch how fast the birds are attracted to the patented Spiral Perch.

- 2.5 Quart capacity (1.5 pounds).

- Optional 7.5" Seed Tray (sold separately). The clear tray shown above screws into the bottom of this feeder to attract a wider variety of birds to your yard.

- Use the SESQ83 12 inch Hanging Baffle or SE120 Copper 16 inch Weather Block Baffle to help protect your seed and feeder from squirrels and weather.

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Save Your Money
So sorry you didn't understand that the tray is sold separately and that you're not seeing any bird feeding action yet.  Please know that the language we use to describe this feeder comes directly from the manufacturer's website.   If you have placed this new feeder in the same location as your previous feeders, you may want to check on the quality and/or freshness of the seed you are using.  It is odd that you are seeing no birds at all, especially if feeding in the same location as previously.  As with all seed feeders, it's important to use high quality, fresh seed and check your feeder periodically to make sure the sunflower or other seeds are not going bad.   To attract your cardinals and blue jays, use seed mixes with premium black oil sunflower seed, safflower, and peanut splits.  Birds can be picky about their seed selection and will steer clear of spoiled seed or mixes with undesirable fillers.  Try some fresh seed, perhaps from a different supplier, before giving up on this feeder. Also, if you have placed this feeder in a new location, it may take more than a week for the birds to find it and change their feeding habits. I hope this helps!