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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

Barrier Guard Specialty Bluebird Feeder - Blue

by Erva
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This is feeder is one of our favorites for keeping hungry eastern bluebirds fed while keeping the European starlings at bay! Bluebird feeder comes with a blue glass (dishwasher safe) mealworm cup and wire mesh barrier guard. This baffled bluebird feeder is surrounded by sturdy vinyl coated wire mesh with 1-1/2" square openings to keep out starlings and squirrels. The top and bottom are fully galvanized steel and powder coated in a blue finish for years of durability.

The glass cup is 3.25" in diameter and 1" deep and holds about two handfuls of dried mealworms.  This feeder comes with a galvanized cable. The cable with the slide pulled down to secure the lid adds 12" to the height of the feeder, which measures 14" W x 8" H. 

Attracts the following birds: Eastern bluebirds, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, orioles, wrens, and occasionally warblers. We've had mixed reports from customers: sometimes northern mockingbirds fit and sometimes not.

We recommend adding the Perch Accessory, sold separately or as a bundle, to help your bluebirds perch together, decide on an entry point, and gain easy access to the feeder.

You may also mount it on a 1" pole by using a Pole Adapter, sold separately.

Need more mealworm feeding capacity and a dish that's winterproof? Try swapping in this new Aluminum Replacement Dish.

Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Colleen Karow
Worked well, needs a bigger cup

The feeder is very large and beautiful. I was worried my bluebirds wouldn't get in because the cage openings appeared small. However, by the end of the first day they figured it out. (Note, I did have the old feeder [the ones the starlings overrun most of the day] up next to it the first day to help them adjust). Now, I fill the small cup up each morning and by the afternoon the food is gone and the bluebirds have flown in and out of it easily. My only recommendation - since most people use dried mealy bugs - it would be nice to have a larger inner cup so I don't have to go out twice a day to fill it up!.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm so glad your bluebirds figured it out that quickly! The openings are 1.5'x1.5', so the same as a bluebird box entrance hole. Erva just started offering a larger volume aluminum cup that will hold 1.5 cups of dried mealworms that you can swap in for the glass dish:

Patrina Percy
Works great

Bluebird's started using it within hours! So nice not to be feeding the Robins and blackbirds.

Hilda Warner
Bluebird Haven

We are so thrilled with our Barrier Guard feeder!!!! Grackles were eating 90% or more of the worms. Not anymore! It took the bluebirds and wrens less than 30 minutes to start flying in. They are now content with knowing they can eat in peace! I am happy I bought the metal perches!!

Sharon Samis
Great Bluebird Feeder

Finally a feeder that doesn’t allow the starlings to eat everything! It took my bluebirds about three days to become used to this feeder but now they go in and out easily. My Carolina Wrens love it! I bought the additional metal perches and am so glad I did. My bluebirds perch on those before going into the feeder. The starlings can get get some meal worms that become scattered around the outside edge but this feeder certainly saves me a great deal of money not having to refill an empty dome feeder after the starlings have been there. A great purchase!!!

Margaret H
Second One

This is my second bluebird feeder. The first one is about two years old and has held up very well. The coating on the wire is still in excellent condition. I did use a pair of pliers to gently widen every other square on the bottom row for my plump male bluebirds. The Carolina Wrens were the first to figure out how to use the feeder and the bluebirds took a few months. I was getting discouraged. This year my bluebirds brought their first four babies to the feeder and it was glorious watching the learning process. Then the second clutch of three babies was a bonus. We don’t have a lot of Starlings but they did try to get the mealworms. This year they went to my hopper feeder and ignored this bluebird feeder. I purchased a second feeder because I added two more bluebird houses along my pasture fence and I am anticipating more demand.