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Orders Placed by 2pm EST Ship Today! | Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

Barrier Guard Specialty Bluebird Feeder - Copper Tint

by Erva
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This is feeder is one of our favorites for keeping hungry eastern bluebirds fed while keeping the European starlings at bay! Bluebird feeder comes with a clear glass (dishwasher safe) mealworm cup and wire mesh barrier guard. This baffled bluebird feeder is surrounded by sturdy vinyl coated wire mesh with 1-1/2" square openings to keep out starlings and squirrels. The top and bottom are fully galvanized steel and powder coated in Erva's exclusive "Copper Tint" finish for years of durability.

The glass cup is 3.25" in diameter and 1" deep and holds about two handfuls of dried mealworms.  This feeder comes with a galvanized cable. The cable with the slide pulled down to secure the lid adds 12" to the height of the feeder, which measures 14" W x 8" H. 

Attracts the following birds: Eastern bluebirds, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, orioles, wrens, and occasionally warblers. We've had mixed reports from customers: sometimes northern mockingbirds fit and sometimes not.

We recommend adding the Perch Accessory, sold separately, to help your bluebirds perch together, decide on an entry point, and gain easy access to the feeder.

You may also mount it on a 1" pole by using a Pole Adapter, sold separately.

Need more mealworm feeding capacity and a dish that's winterproof? Try swapping in this new Aluminum Replacement Dish.

Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kim Stauffer
UPDATED: Barrier Guard Specialty Bluebird Feeder - Copper Tint

Well, patience paid off. The birds are so happy with this new feeder! Shortly after my 1st review, some brave birds gave it a go and now they are feeding daily and not threatening anymore by the bully grackles. Love this feeder - I get so many compliments on it too!

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we've found that it can take some people's bluebirds a month or more to figure this feeder out (usually within two weeks, but sometimes more). But once they do, it's a great way to keep them fed and the large, unwanted birds like European starlings at bay. I'm hoping with a little more time, your resident bluebirds will figure it out! I personally use this feeder at home with much success. You can see the feeder in action in this recent environmental education post: and an older version of this feeder with a view from the inside from the manufacturer: With a little more time, your bluebirds should be happy and protected from the bully birds!

I've also had customers place mealworms on top of the feeder and/or along the sides on the floor to draw them in and get them exploring what is inside. You can also try setting the feeder out with the cover off to the side to train the birds that there are good things inside. Lastly, you mentioned other birds are not using the feeder. Usually the chickadees, tufted titmice, and wrens often figure this feeder out ahead of the bluebirds. I would survey the location of this feeder just to be sure something else isn't deterring the birds--no wind chimes, whirligigs, wind spinners, etc. that might be spooking them? Is it located near other feeders they are using and/or within easy distance of protective cover like trees and shrubs? Hope this helps!

Donald Cunningham
Keeps those Mockingbirds out

It took my Orioles about 3 days to come to the feeder but now they are on the feeder regularly. And they get to feed without being harassed by the Mockingbird. Thanks

Lori Carlson
Keeps out grackles!

I searched a lot for a bluebird feeder that would keep the grackles out. They are such pigs! They try but cannot reach the meal worms! Unfortunately, my bluebirds will not go through the wire cage at all. It has been several weeks now. Other small birds use the feeder daily, but my bluebirds now eat from my tube feeder. I like the extra perch, but a piece falls off occasionally. Overall I am pleased with the feeder.

Thanks for your feedback! We're finding that some peoples' bluebirds just take longer than others to figure this feeder out. A few days up to a month is what I've heard from my customers. You can try putting mealworms on top of the roof and along the edges of the floor to help them get started. The perch accessory will help, too. If you are losing pieces off of the perch unit, you may need to really tighten down the locking nuts underneath with pliers and retighten occasionally if they are tapping against something routinely. Here's a post I did on proper assembly for the perch accessory--hope this helps:

MJ Izydore

Love this feeder! Exceeds my expectations.
I first put the feeder out on a snowy day. The Bluebirds and Carolina Wrens went right in without any trouble. Keeps grackles, robins and squirrels out. Super easy to refill. I highly recommend this feeder!

Diane Goldsmith
Great feeder!

I love this feeder. It lets the bluebirds in and keeps the starlings out! The feeder was easy to hang up and it is easy to refill. Because the birds seemed confused at first as to how to get inside the feeder to the mealworms (it took them about four or five days to figure it out), I put a couple of small branches through the wire mesh so that the bluebirds have perches on the outside. I had intended to take out the branches once the bluebirds learned how to get into the feeder, but they like to perch on these branches while waiting on their turn to feed, so I am leaving the branches in for the time being. So far, I have had only bluebirds use this feeder, but I am hoping that some other small birds, like chickadees or juncos, will figure it out also. Overall, I am very happy with this feeder!

Thanks for your feedback--we're so glad you and your bluebirds are enjoying this feeder! If you ever want to add more permanent perches to this feeder, consider this perch accessory: